Volume 8, Number 3 — September 1984

Research Articles

Key Information Systems Issues for the 1980's
Gary W. Dickson, Robert L. Leitheiser, James C. Wetherbe, and Mal Nechis
(pp. 135-159)

Project Management Considerations for Distributed Processing Applications
Robert G. Felix and William L. Harrison
(pp. 161-170)

A Survey of the MIS and Telecommunications Activities of Major Business Firms
Charles H. Kriebel and Diane M. Strong
(pp. 171-178)

Theory and Review Articles

A New Methodology for Database Requirements Analysis
Prabuddha De and Arun Sen
(pp. 179-193)

Research Notes

Issues in the Design of Group Decision Support Systems
George P. Huber
(pp. 195-204)

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