Volume 13, Number 1 — March 1989

Research Articles

Managing Investment in Information Technology: Mini Case Examples and Implications
Peter Weill and Margrethe H. Olson
(pp. 3-17)

Assessing the Value of a Quality Assurance Certificate for Software: An Exploratory Investigation
David Jobber, John Saunders, Brian Gilding, Graham Hooley, and Jon Hatton-Smooker
(pp. 19-31)

Theory and Review Articles

A Scientific Methodology for MIS Case Studies
Allen S. Lee
(pp. 33-50)

Rethinking the Concept of User Involvement
Henri Barki and Jon Hartwick
(pp. 53-63)

Logic Programming as a Paradigm for Financial Modeling
Robert P. Minch
(pp. 65-84)

The Problem of Statistical Power in MIS Research
Jack J. Baroudi and Wanda J. Orlikowski
(pp. 87-106)

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