Volume 13, Number 2 — June 1989

Research Articles

Perceived Importance of Systems Analysts' Job Skills, Roles, and Non-Salary Incentives
Gary I. Green
(pp. 115-133)

Implementing Security and Integrity in Micro-Mainframe Networks
J. L. Boockholdt
(pp. 135-144)

Theory and Review Articles

Validating Instruments in MIS Research
Detmar W. Straub
(pp. 147-169)

A Study of the Relationship Between Decision Model Naturalness and Performance
Jeffrey E. Kottemann and William E. Remus
(pp. 171-181)

An Experimental Validation of the Gorry and Scott Morton Framework
Peeter J. Kirs, G. Lawrence Sanders, Robert P. Cerveny, and Daniel Robey
(pp. 183-197)

Special Issue Articles

Integrating Decision Technologies: Implications for Management Curriculum
Carl R. Adams and Jae Hyon Song
(pp. 199-209)

Preparing IS Students to Deal with Ethical Issues
J. Daniel Couger
(pp. 211-218)

Characteristics of Periodical Literature for the Potential Reader or Author in Information Management
Glen L. Boyer and Gary Carlson
(pp. 221-229)

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