Volume 15, Number 1 — March 1991

Research Articles

Executive Information Systems: A Framework for Development and a Survey of Current Practices
Hugh J. Watson, R. Kelly Ranier, Jr., and Chang E. Koh
(pp. 13-30)

Applications of Global Information Technology: Key Issues for Management
Blake Ives and Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa
(pp. 33-49)

Executive Information Requirements: Getting It Right
James C. Wetherbe
(pp. 51-65)

On Information Systems Project Abandonment: An Exploratory Study of Organizational Practices
Kweku Ewusi-Mensah and Zbigniew H. Przasnyski
(pp. 67-86)

Identification of Strategic Information Systems Opportunities: Applying and Comparing Two Methodologies
Francois Bergeron, Chantal Buteau, and Louis Raymond
(pp. 89-103)

Theory and Review Articles

Decisional Guidance for Computer-Based Decision Support
Mark S. Silver
(pp. 105-122)

Personal Computing: Toward a Conceptual Model of Utilization
Ronald L. Thompson, Christopher A. Higgins, and Jane M. Howell
(pp. 125-143)

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