Volume 15, Number 3 — September 1991

Special Issue: Strategic and Competitive Information Systems

Research Articles

*SIM Paper Competition:* EPRINET: Leveraging Knowledge in the Electric Utility Industry
Barbara C. McNurlin
(pp. 403-421)

Special Issue Articles

Sustaining IT Advantage: The Role of Structural Differences
Eric K. Clemons and Michael C. Row
(pp. 275-292)

A Strategic Analysis of Electronic Marketplaces
J. Yannis Bakos
(pp. 295-310)

An Economic Analysis of Strategic Information Technology Investments
Anitesh Barua, Charles H. Kriebel, and Tridas Mukhopadhyay
(pp. 313-331)

Firm Size and the Information Technology Investment Intensity of LIfe Insurers
Sidney E. Harris and Joseph L. Katz
(pp. 333-352)

Reuse and Productivity in Integrated Computer-Aided Software Engineering: An Empirical Study
Rajiv D. Banker and Robert J. Kauffman
(pp. 375-401)

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