Volume 18, Number 1 — March 1994

Research Articles

The French Videotex System Minitel: A Successful Implementation of a Naitonal Information Technology Infrastructure
William L. Cats-Baril and Tawfik Jelassi
(pp. 01/20/09)

A Multimedia Solution to Productivity Gridlock: A Re-Engineered Jewelry Appraisal System at Zale Corporation
Julie Newman and Kenneth A. Kozar
(pp. 21-30)

Theory and Review Articles

Strategic Information Systems Revisited: A Study in Sustainability and Performance
William J. Kettinger, Varun Grover, Subashish Guha, and Albert H. Segars
(pp. 31-58)

Measuring User Participation, User Involvement, and User Attitude
Henri Barki and Jon Hartwick
(pp. 59-82)

Realizing Emancipatory Principles in Information Systems Development: The Case for ETHICS
Rudy Hirschheim and Heinz K. Klein
(pp. 81-109)

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