Volume 19, Number 1 — March 1995

Research Articles

The Evolution of IS Job Skills: A Content Analysis of IS Job Advertisements From 1970-1990
Peter A. Tood, James D. McKeen, R. Brent Gallupe
(pp. 1-27)

Electronic Document Management
Ralph H. Sprague
(pp. 29-49)

Early Expert Systems: Where Are They Now?
T. Grandon Gill
(pp. 51-81)

Theory and Review Articles

Exploring the Factors Associated With Expert Systems Success
Youngohc Yoon, Tor Guimaraes, Quinton O'Neal
(pp. 83-106)

The Impact of Job Performance Evaluations on Career Advancement Prospects: An Examination of Gender Differences in the IS Workplace
Magid Igbaria and Jack Baroudi
(pp. 107-123)

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