Volume 20, Number 1 —March 1996

Research Articles

Issues and Concerns About Computer-Supported Meetings: The Facilitator's Perspective
Fred Niederman, Catherine M. Beise, and Peggy M. Beranek
(pp. 1-22)

Theory and Review Articles

Determinants of Commitment to Information Systems Development: A Longitudinal Investigation
Michael Newman and Rajiv Sabherwal
(pp. 23-54)

Measuring the Linkage Between Business and Information Technology Objectives
Blaize Horner Reich and Izak Benbasat
(pp. 55-81)

An Empirical Examination of the Value of Creativity Support Systems on Idea Generation
Brenda Massetti
(pp. 83-97)

Research Notes

Cognitive Elements in the Implementation of New Technology: Can Less Information Provide More Benefits?
Terri L. Griffith and Gregory B. Northcraft
(pp. 99-110)

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