Volume 21, Number 1 —March 1997

Research Articles

Business Process Change: A Study of Methodologies, Techniques, and Tools
William J. Kettinger, James T. C. Teng, and Subashish Guha
(pp. 55-98)

Searching and Scanning: How Executives Obtain Information From Executive Information Systems
Betty Vandenbosch and Sid L. Huff
(pp. 81-107)

Research Essay

Discovering and Representation of Causal Relationships in MIS Research: A Methodological Framework
Byungtae Lee, Anitesh Barua, and Andrew B. Whinston
(pp. 109-136)

Theory and Review Articles

Factors Affecting the Adoption of Open Systems: An Exploratory Study
Patrick Y. K. Chau and Kar Yan Tam
(pp. 1-24)

Information Specificity and Environmental Scanning: An Economic Perspective
Vivek Choudhury and Jeffrey L. Sampler
(pp. 25-53)

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