Volume 24, Number 1 —March 2000

Research Articles

Factors That Influence the Social Dimension of Alignment Between Business and Information Technology Objectives
Blaize Horner Reich and Izak Benbasat
(pp. 81-113)

Why Don't Men Ever Stop to Ask for Directions? Gender, Social Influence, and Their Role in Technology Acceptance and Usage Behavior
Viswanath Venkatesh and Michael G. Morris
(pp. 115-139)

One Road to Turnover: An Examination of Work Exhaustion in Technology Professionals
Jo Ellen Moore
(pp. 141-168)

A Resource-Based Perspective on Information Technology Capability and Firm Performance: An Empirical Investigation
Anandhi S. Bharadwaj
(pp. 169-196)

Special Issue Articles

A Confessional Account of an Ethnography About Knowledge Work
Ulrike Schultze
(pp. 3-41)

Understanding Computer-Mediated Discussions: Positivist and Interpretive Analyses of Group Support System Use
Eineen M. Trauth and Leonard M. Jessup
(pp. 43-79)

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