Volume 26, Number 3 —September 2002

Special Issue: Redefining the Organizational Roles of Information Technology

Research Articles

Studying Knowledge Management in Information Systems Research: Discourses and Theoretical Assumptions
Ulrike Schultze and Dorothy E. Leidner
(pp. 213-242)

Evidence of the Effect of Trust Building Technology in Electronic Markets: Price Premiums and Buyer Behavior
Sulin Ba and Paul A. Pavlou
(pp. 243-268)

*SIM Paper Competition:* Knowledge Management in Pursuit of Performance: Insights from Nortel Networks
Anne P. Massey, Mitzi M. Montoya-Weiss, and Tony M. O'Driscoll
(pp. 269-289)

Special Issue Articles

A Design Theory for Systems That Support Emergent Knowledge Processes
M. Lynne Markus, Ann Majchrzak, and Les Gasser
(pp. 179-212)

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