Volume 26, Number 4 — December 2002

Research Articles

Understanding Network Effects in Software Markets: Evidence from Web Server Pricing
John M. Gallaugher and Yu-Ming Wang
(pp. 303-327)

Technology Frames and Framing: A Socio-Cognitive Investigation of Requirements Determination
Elizabeth J. Davidson
(pp. 329-358)

Cross-Cultural Software Production and Use: A Structurational Analysis
Geoff Walsham
(pp. 359-380)

Theory and Review Articles

Review: Power and Information Technology Research: A Metatriangulation Review
Jon (Sean) Jasperson, Traci A. Carte, Carol S. Saunders, Brian S. Butler, Henry J. P. Croes, and Weijun Zheng
(pp. 397-459)

Research Notes

An Empirical Examination of Individual Traits as Antecedents to Computer Anxiety and Computer Self-Efficacy
Jason Bennett Thatcher and Pamela L. Perrewe
(pp. 381-396)

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