Volume 27, Number 3 —September 2003

Research Articles

From the Vendor's Perspective: Exploring the Value Proposition in Information Technology Outsourcing
Natalia Levina and Jeanne W. Ross
(pp. 331-364)

Trust and the Unintended Effects of Behavior Control in Virtual Teams
Gabriele Piccoli and Blake Ives
(pp. 365-395)

The Influence of Query Interface Design on Decision-Making Performance
Cheri Speier and Michael G. Morris
(pp. 397-423)

User Acceptance of Information Technology: Toward a Unified View
Viswanath Venkatesh, Michael G. Morris, Gordon B. Davis, and Fred D. Davis
(pp. 425-478)

Research Essay

In Pursuit of Moderation: Nine Common Errors and Teir Solutions
Traci A. Carte and Craig J. Russell
(pp. 479-501)

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