Volume 27, Number 4 — December 2003

Issues and Opinions

Dealing with Plagarism in the Information Systems Research Community: A Look at Factors that Drive Plagarism and Ways to Address Them
Ned Kock and Robert Davidson
(pp. 511-532)

Research Articles

The Contingent Effects of Management Support and Task Interdependence on Successful Information Systems Implementation
Rajeev Sharma and Philip Yetton
(pp. 533-555)

The Disruptive Nature of Information Technology Innovations: The Case of Internet Computing in Systems Development Organizations
Kalle Lyytinen and Gregory M. Rose
(pp. 557-595)

Research Essay

Rigor in Information Systems Positivist Case Research: Current Practices, Trends, and Recommendations
Line Dube and Guy Pare
(pp. 597-635)

Research Notes

The Value Relevance of Announcements of Transformational Information Technology Investments
Bruce Dehning, Vernon J. Richardson, and Robert W. Zmud
(pp. 637-656)

Sources of Influence on Beliefs about Information Technology Use: An Empirical Study of Knowledge Workers
William Lewis, Ritu Agarwal, and V. Sambamurthy
(pp. 657-678)

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