Volume 30, Number 1 — March 2006

Issues and Opinions

Research Standards for Promotion and Tenure in Information Systems
Alan R. Dennis, Joseph S. Valacich, Mark A. Fuller, and Christoph Schneider
(pp. 1-12)

Research Articles

Web and Wireless Site Usability: Understanding Differences and Modeling Use
Viswanath Venkatesh and V. Ramesh
(pp. 181-206)

The Role of Cognitive Fit in the Relationship Between Software Comprehension and Modification
Teresa M. Shaft and Iris Vessey
(pp. 29-55)

Performance Effects of Information Technology Synergies in Multibusiness Firms
Huseyin Tanriverdi
(pp. 57-77)

The Differential Use and Effect of Knowledge-Based System Explanations in Novice and Expert Judgement Decisions
Vicky Arnold, Nicole Clark, Philip A. Collier, Stewart A. Leech, and Steve G. Sutton
(pp. 79-97)

Unraveling the Temporal Fabric of Knowledge Conversion: A Model of Media Selection and Use
Anne P. Massey and Mitzi M. Montoya-Weiss
(pp. 99-114)

Understanding and Predicting Electronic Commerce Adoption: An Extension of the Theory of Planned Behavior
Paul A. Pavlou and Mendel Fygenson
(pp. 115-143)

Incorporating Software Agents into Supply Chains: Experimental Investigation with a Procurement Task
Mark E. Nissen and Kishore Sengupta
(pp. 145-166)

Ethical Decision Making in Software Piracy: Initial Development and a Test of a Four-Component Model
Trevor T. Moores and Jerry Cha-Jan Chang
(pp. 167-180)

Research Notes

The Personalization Privacy Paradox: An Empirical Evaluation of Information Transparency and the Willingness to be Profiled Online for Personalization
Naveen Farag Awad and M. S. Krishnan
(pp. 13-28)

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