Volume 31, Number 1 — March 2007

Research Articles

Assimilation of Enterprise Systems: The Effect of Institutional Pressures and the Mediating Role of Top Management
Huigang Liang, Nilesh Saraf, Qing Hu, and Yajiong Xue
(pp. 59-87)

Cognitive Stopping Rules for Terminating Information Search in Online Tasks
Glenn J. Browne, Mitzi G. Pitts, and James C. Wetherbe
(pp. 89-104)

Understanding and Mitigating Uncertainty in Online Exchange Relationships: A Principal-Agent Perspective
Paul A. Pavlou, Huigang Liang, and Yajiong Xue
(pp. 105-136)

Theory and Review Articles

E-Commerce Product Recommendation Agents: Use, Characteristics, and Impact
Bo Xiao and Izak Benbasat
(pp. 137-209)

Research Notes

IT Road Warriors: Balancing Work--Family Conflict, Job Autonomy, and Work Overload to Mitigate Turnover Intentions
Manju K. Ahuja, Katherine M. Chudoba, Charles J. Kacmar, D. Harrison McKnight, and Joey F. George
(pp. 1-17)

The Value of Privacy Assurance: An Exploratory Field Experiment
Kai-Lung Hui, Hock Hai Teo, and Sang-Yong Tom Lee
(pp. 19-33)

The Relationship Between Organizational Culture and the Deployment of Systems Development Methodologies
Juhani Iivari and Magda Huisman
(pp. 35-58)

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