Volume 31, Number 2 — June 2007

Research Articles

On the Assessment of the Strategic Value of Information Technologies: Conceptual and Analytical Approaches
Wonseok Oh and Alain Pinsonneault
(pp. 239-265)

Communication Media Repertoires: Dealing with the Multiplicity of Media Choices
Mary Beth Watson-Manheim and France Belanger
(pp. 267-293)

Power, Rationality, and the Art of Living Through Socio-Technical Change
Chrisanthi Avgerou and Kathy McGrath
(pp. 295-315)

Research Notes

The Contingent Effects of Training, Technical Complexity, and Task Interdependence on Successful Information Systems Implementation
Rajeev Sharma and Philip Yetton
(pp. 219-238)

Special Issue Articles

Fighting Against Windmills: Strategic Information Systems and Organizational Deep Structures
Leiser Silva and Rudy Hirshheim
(pp. 327-354)

Integrating Scientific with Indigenous Knowledge: Constructing Knowledge Alliances for Land Management in India
Satish K. Puri
(pp. 355-379)

Developing Health Information Systems in Developing Countries: The Flexible Standards Strategy
Jorn Braa, Ole Hanseth, Arthur Heywood, Woinshet Mohammed, and Vincent Shaw
(pp. 381-402)

Telemedicine in the Upper Amazon: Interplay with Local Health Care Practices
Gianluca Miscione
(pp. 403-425)

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