Volume 31, Number 4 — December 2007

Research Articles

Toward a Deeper Understanding of System Usage in Organizations: A Multilevel Perspective
Andrew Burton-Jones and Michael J. Gallivan
(pp. 657-679)

Through the Eyes of Experts: A Socio-Cognitive Perspective on the Automation of Fingerprint Work
Christopher J. Davis and Ellen M. Hufnagel
(pp. 681-703)

How Habit Limits the Predictive Power of Intention: The Case of Information Systems Continuance
Moez Limayem, Sabine Gabriele Hirt, and Christy M. K. Cheung
(pp. 705-737)

The Interaction of Institutionally Triggered and Technology-Triggered Social Structure Change: An Investigation of Computerized Physician Order Entry
Elizabeth J. Davidson and WIlliam G. Chismar
(pp. 739-758)

The Role of Online Trading Communities in Managing Internet Auction Fraud
Cecil Eng Huang Chua, Jonathan Wareham, and Daniel Robey
(pp. 759-781)

The Impact of Knowledge Coordination on Virtual Team Performance Over Time
Prasert Kanawattanachai and Youngjin Yoo
(pp. 783-808)

Research Essay

Specifying Formative Constructs in Information Systems Research
Stacie Petter, Detmar Straub, and Arun Rai
(pp. 623-656)

Research Notes

Dispositional Factors in Internet Use: Personality Versus Cognitive Style
James C. McElroy, Anthony R. Hendrickson, Anthony M. Townsend, and Samuel M. DeMarie
(pp. 809-820)

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