Volume 32, Number 2 — June 2008

Special Issue on Information Systems Offshoring

Special Issue Articles

Work Dispersion, Process-Based Learning, and Offshore Software Development Performance
Narayan Ramasubbu, Sunil Mithas, M. S. Krishnan, and Chris F. Kemerer
(pp. 437-458)

Cocreating Understanding and Value in Distributed Work: How Members of Onsite and Offshore Vendor Teams Give, Make, Demand, and Break Sense
Paul W. L. Vlaar, Paul C. van Fenema, and Vinay Tiwari
(pp. 227-255)

Two-Stage Offshoring: An Investigation of the Irish Bridge
Helena Holmstrom Olsson, Eoin O Conchuir, Par J. Agerfalk, and Brian Fitzgerald
(pp. 257-279)

Managing the Knowledge Supply Chain: An Organizational Learning Model of Information Technology Offshore Outsourcing
Hoon S. Cha, David E. Pingry, and Matt E. Thatcher
(pp. 281-306)

Innovating or Doing as Told? Status Differences and Overlapping Boundaries in Offshore Collaboration
Natalia Levina and Emmanuelle Vaast
(pp. 307-332)

Explaining Variations in Client Extra Costs Between Software Projects Offshored to India
Jens Dibbern, Jessica Winkler, and Armin Heinzl
(pp. 333-366)

Is the World Really Flat? A Look at Offshoring in an Online Programming Marketplace
David Gefen and Erran Carmel
(pp. 367-384)

Outsourcing to an Unknown Workforce: Exploring Opensourcing as a Global Sourcing Strategy
Par J. Agerfalk and Brian Fitzgerald
(pp. 385-409)

Transformational Technologies and the Creation of New Work Practices: Making Implicit Knowledge Explicit in Task-Based Offshoring
Paul M. Leonardi and Diane E. Bailey
(pp. 411-436)

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