Volume 32, Number 4 — December 2008

Issues and Opinions

Marshaling the Professional Experience of Doctoral Students: A Contribution to the Practical Relevance Debate
Heinz K. Klein and Frantz Rowe
(pp. 675-686)

Research Notes

A Fast Form Approach to Measuring Technology Acceptance and Other Constructs
Wynne W. Chin, Norman Johnson, and Andrew Schwarz
(pp. 687-703)

Buyer Intention to Use Internet-Enabled Reverse Auctions: The Role of Asset Specificity, Product Specialization, and Non-Contractibility
Sunil Mithas, Joni L. Jones, and Will Mitchell
(pp. 705-724)

Special Issue Articles

The Design Theory Nexus
Jan Pries-Heje and Richard Baskerville
(pp. 731-755)

Process Grammar as a Tool for Business Process Design
Jintae Lee, George M. Wyner, and Brian T. Pentland
(pp. 757-778)

Making Sense of Technology Trends in the Information Technology Landscape: A Design Science Approach
Gedaminas Adomavicius, Jesse C. Bockstedt, Alok Gupta, and Robert J. Kauffman
(pp. 779-809)

CyberGate: A Design Framework and System for Text Analysis of Computer-Mediated Communication
Ahmed Abbasi and Hsinchun Chen
(pp. 811-837)

Using Cognitive Principles to Guide Classification in Information Systems Modeling
Jeffrey Parsons and Yair Wand
(pp. 839-868)

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