Volume 33, Number 1 — March 2009

Issues and Opinions

The Shoemaker's Children: Using Wikis for Information Systems Teaching, Research, and Publication
Gerald C. Kane and Robert G. Fichman
(pp. 1-17)

Research Articles

Informational Cascades and Software Adoption on the Internet: An Empirical Investigation
Wenjing Duan, Bin Gu, and Andrew B. Whinston
(pp. 23-48)

Out of Dedication or Constraint? A Dual Model of Post-Adoption Phenomena and its Empirical Test in the Context of Online Services
Sung S. Kim and Jai-Yeol Son
(pp. 49-70)

Avoidance of Information Technology Threats: A Theoretical Perspective
Huigang Liang and Yajiong Xue
(pp. 71-90)

Are Two Heads Better than One for Software Development? The Productivity Paradox of Pair Programming
VenuGopal Balijepally, RadhaKanta Mahapatra, Sridhar Nerur, and Kenneth H. Price
(pp. 91-118)

The Role of Service Level Agreements in Relational Management of Information Technology Outsourcing: An Empirical Study
Jahyun Goo, Rajiv Kishore, H. R. Rao, and Kichan Nam
(pp. 119-145)

Power and Concession in Computer-Mediated Negotiations: An Examination of First Offers
Norman A. Johnson and Randolph B. Cooper
(pp. 147-170)

Special Issue Articles

Assessing Between-Group Differences in Information Systems Research: A Comparison of Covariance-and Component-Based SEM
Israr Qureshi and Deborah Compeau
(pp. 197-214)

Using PLS Path Modeling for Assessing Hierarchial Construct Models: Guidelines and Impirical Illustration
Martin Wetzels, Gaby Odekerken-Schroder, and Claudia van Oppen
(pp. 177-195)

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