Volume 33, Number 4 — December 2009

Issues and Opinions

Fashion Waves in Information Systems Research and Practice
Richard L. Baskerville and Michael D. Myers
(pp. 647-662)

How Ethics Can Enhance Organizational Privacy: Lessons from the ChoicePoint and TJX Data Breaches
Mary J. Culnan and Cynthia Clark Williams
(pp. 673-687)

Research Articles

Community Learning in Information Technology Innovation
Ping Wang and Neil C. Ramiller
(pp. 709-734)

Interfirm Strategic Information Flows in Logistics Supply Chain Relationships
Richard Klein and Arun Rai
(pp. 735-762)

Overlapping Online Auctions: Empirical Characterization of Bidder Strategies and Auction Prices
Ravi Bapna, Seokjoo Andrew Chang, Paulo Goes, and Alok Gupta
(pp. 763-783)

Selective Status Reporting in Information Systems Projects: A Dyadic-Level Investigation
Charalambos L. Iacovou, Ronald L. Thompson, and H. Jeff Smith
(pp. 785-810)

Research Essay

Interpretation of Formative Measurement in Information Systems Research
Ronald T. Cenfetelli and Geneviève Bassellier
(pp. 689-708)

Research Notes

Resolving Difference Score Issues in Information Systems Research
Gary Klein, James J. Jiang, and Paul Cheney
(pp. 811-826)

Nonlinearities Between Attitude and Subjective Norms in Information Technology Acceptance: A Negative Synergy?
Ryad Titah and Henri Barki
(pp. 827-844)

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