Volume 35, Number 3 — September 2011

Special Issue: New Ventures in Virtual Worlds

Issues and Opinions

Information Systems Research Behaviors: What Are the Normative Standards?
Gove N. Allen, Nicholas L. Ball, and H. Jeff Smith
(pp. 533-551)

Research Articles

An Exploration of Organizational Level Information Systems Discontinuance Intentions
Brent Furneaux and Michael Wade
(pp. 573-598)

The Effects of Digital Trading Platforms on Commodity Prices in Agricultural Supply Chains
Rajiv Banker, Sabyaschi Mitra, and V. Sambamurthy
(pp. 599-611)

Membership Turnover and Collaboration Success in Online Communities: Explaining Rises
Sam Ransbotham and Gerald C. Kane
(pp. 613-627)

Innovation Impacts of Using Social Bookmarking Systems
Peter H. Gray, Salvatore Parise, and Bala Iyer
(pp. 629-643)

Research Essay

Predictive Analytics in Information Systems Research
Galit Shmueli and Otto R. Koppius
(pp. 553-572)

Special Issue Articles

What If Your Avatar Looks Like You? Dual-Congruity Perspectives for Avatar Use
Kil-Soo Suh, Hongki Kim, and Eung Kyo Suh
(pp. 711-729)

Enhancing Brand Equity Through Flow and Telepresence: A Comparison of 2D and 3D Virtual Worlds
Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah, Brenda Eschenbrenner, and David DeWester
(pp. 731-747)

From Space to Place: Predicting Users’ Intentions to Return to Virtual Worlds
Lakshmi Goel, Norman A. Johnson, Iris Junglas, and Blake Ives
(pp. 749-771)

Co-Creation in Virtual Worlds: The Design of the User Experience
Thomas Kohler, Johann Fueller, Kurt Matzler, and Daniel Stieger
(pp. 773-788)

An Odyssey into Virtual Worlds: Exploring the Impacts of Technological and Spatial Environments
Animesh Animesh, Alain Pinsonneault, Sung-Byung Yang, and Wonseok Oh
(pp. 789-810)

Control Over Virtual Worlds by Game Companies: Issues and Recommendations
Christophe Roquilly
(pp. 653-671)

Design Principles for Virtual Worlds
Alok R. Chaturvedi, Daniel R. Dolk, and Paul L. Drnevich
(pp. 673-684)

Arguing the Value of Virtual Worlds: Patterns of Discursive Sensemaking of an Innovative Technology
Nicholas Berente, Sean Hansen, Jacqueline C. Pike, and Patrick J. Bateman
(pp. 685-709)

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