Volume 36, Number 2 — June 2012

Issues and Opinions

Open Knowledge Creation: Bringing Transparency and Inclusiveness to the Peer Review Process
Donald E. Hardaway and Richard W. Scamell
(pp. 339-346)

Research Articles

The Asymmetric Benefits of Relational Flexibility: Evidence from Software Development Outsourcing
Anandasivam Gopal and Balaji R. Koka
(pp. 553-576)

Enacting Clan Control in Complex IT Projects: A Social Capital Perspective
Cecil Eng Huang Chua, Wee-Kiat Lim, Christina Soh, and Siew Kien Sia
(pp. 577-600)

IS Employee Attitudes and Perceptions at Varying Levels of Software Process Maturity
Janet K. Ply, Jo Ellen Moore, Clay K. Williams, and Jason Bennett Thatcher
(pp. 601-624)

Can Online Wait Be Managed? The Effect of Filler Interfaces and Presentation Modes on Perceived Waiting Time Online
Younghwa Lee, Andrew N. K. Chen, and Virginia Ilie
(pp. 365-394)

On Product Uncertainty in Online Markets: Theory and Evidence
Angelika Dimoka, Yili Hong, and Paul A. Pavlou
(pp. 395-426)

The Career Paths Less (or More) Traveled: A Sequence Analysis of IT Career Histories, Mobility Patterns, and Career Success
Damien Joseph, Wai Fong Boh, Soon Ang, and Sandra A. Slaughter
(pp. 427-452)

Understanding User Revisions When Using Information Systems Features: Adaptive System Use and Triggers
Heshan Sun
(pp. 453-478)

A Cost-Based Database Request Distribution Technique for Online e-Commerce Applications
Debra VanderMeer, Kaushik Dutta, and Anindya Datta
(pp. 479-507)

Efficiency or Innovation: How Do Industry Environments Moderate the Effects of Firms' IT Asset Portfolios
Ling Xue, Gautam Ray, and Vallabh Sambamurthy
(pp. 509-528)

Toward a New Theory of the Contribution of the IT Function in Organizations
Manon G Guillemette and Guy Pare
(pp. 529-551)

Research Essay

Style Composition in Action Research Publication
Lars Mathiassen, Mike Chiasson, and Matt Germonprez
(pp. 347-363)

Theory and Review Articles

Absorptive Capacity and Information Systems Research: Review, Synthesis, and Directions for Future Research
Nicholas Roberts, Pamela S. Galluch, Michael Dinger, and Varun Grover
(pp. 625-648)

Carrots and Rainbows: Motivation and Social Practice in Open Source Software Development
Georg von Krogh, Stefan Haefliger, Sebastian Spaeth, and Martin W. Wallin
(pp. 649-676)

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