Volume 36, Number 3 — September 2012

Senior Editor Note
Dale L. Goodhue (pp. 943)

Issues and Opinions

On the Use of Neuropyhsiological Tools in IS Research: Developing a Research Agenda for NeuroIS
Angelika Dimoka, Rajiv D. Banker, Izak Benbasat, Fred D. Davis, Alan R. Dennis, David Gefen, Alok Gupta, Anja Ischebeck, Peter H. Kenning, Paul A. Pavlou, Gernot Muller-Putz, Rene Riedl, Jan vom Brocke, and Bernd Weber
(pp. 679-702)

Comparing PLS to Regression and LISREL: A Response to Marcoulides, Chin, and Saunders
Dale L. Goodhue, William Lewis, and Ron Thompson
(pp. 703-716)

When Imprecise Statistical Statements Become Problematic: A Response to Goodhue, Lewis, and Thompson
George A. Marcoulides, Wynne W. Chin, and Carol Saunders
(pp. 717-728)

Generalization and Induction: Misconceptions, Clarifications, and a Classification of Induction
Eric W. K. Tsang and John N. Williams
(pp. 729-748)

Conceptualizing Generalizability: New Contributions and a Reply
Allen S. Lee and Richard L. Baskerville
(pp. 749-761)

Research Articles

A Knowledge-Based Model of Radical Innovation in Small Software Firms
Jessica Luo Carlo, Kalle Lyytinen, and Gregory M. Rose
(pp. 865-895)

Information Technology Implementers' Responses to User Resistance: Nature and Effects
Suzanne Rivard and Liette Lapointe
(pp. 897-920)

Standards Competition in the Presence of Digital Conversion Technology: An Empirical Analysis of the Flash Memory Card Market
Charles Zhechao Liu, Chris F. Kemerer, Sandra A. Slaughter, and Michael D. Smith
(pp. 921-942)

Building Member Attachment in Online Communities: Applying Theories of Group Identity and Interpersonal Bonds
Yuqing Ren, F. Maxwell Harper, Sara Drenner, Loren Terveen, Sara Kiesler, John Riedl, and Robert E. Kraut
(pp. 841-864)

Research Essay

The Roles of Theory in Canonical Action Research
Robert M. Davison, Maris G. Martinsons, and Carol X. J. Ou
(pp. 763-786)

Principles for Conducting Critical Realist Case Study Research in Information Systems
Donald Wynn, Jr., and Clay K. Williams
(pp. 787-810)

How to Conduct a Functional Magnetic Resonance (fMRI) Study in Social Science Research
Angelika Dimoka
(pp. 811-840)

Research Notes

A Research Note on Representing Part-Whole Relations in Conceptual Modeling
Gove N. Allen and Salvatore T. March
(pp. 945-964)

The Hole in the Whole: A Response to Allen and March
Graeme Shanks and Ron Weber
(pp. 965-980)

Does PLS Have Advantages for Small Sample Size or Non-Normal Data?
Dale L. Goodhue, William Lewis, and Ron Thompson
(pp. 891-1001)

Assessing Common Method Bias: Problems with the ULMC Technique
Wynne W. Chin, Jason Bennett Thatcher, and Ryan T. Wright
(pp. 1003-1019)

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