Volume 37, Number 3 — September 2013

Special Issue: Critical Realism in IS Research

Research Articles

Explaining Employee Job Performance: The Role of Online and Offline Workplace Communication Networks
Xiaojun Zhang and Viswanath Venkatesh
(pp. 695-722)

A Dramaturgical Model of the Production of Performance Data
João Vieira da Cunha
(pp. 723-748)

When Does Technology Use Enable Network Change in Organizations? A Comparative Study of Feature Use and Shared Affordances
Paul M. Leonardi
(pp. 749-775)

Research Essay

Discovering Unobserved Heterogeneity in Structural Equation Models to Avert Validity Threats
Jan-Michael Becker, Arun Rai, Christian M. Ringle, Franziska Völckner
(pp. 665-694)

Research Notes

Integrating Service Quality with System and Information Quality: An Empirical Test in the E-Service Context
Jingjun (David) Xu, Izak Benbasat, and Ronald T. Cenfetelli
(pp. 777-794)

Special Issue Articles

Technological Objects, Social Positions, and the Transformational Model of Social Activity
Philip Faulkner and Jochen Runde
(pp. 803-818)

Critical Realism and Affordances: Theorizing IT-Associated Organizational Change Processes
Olga Volkoff and Diane M. Strong
(pp. 819-834)

How Should Technology-Mediated Organizational Change Be Explained? A Comparison of the Contributions of Critical Realism and Activity Theory
David K. Allen, Andrew Brown, Stan Karanasios, and Alistair Norman
(pp. 835-854)

Methodological Implications of Critical Realism for Mixed-Methods Research
Markos Zachariadis, Susan Scott, and Michael Barrett
(pp. 855-879)

The Broader Context for ICT4D Projects: A Morphogenetic Analysis
James Muranga Njihia and Yasmine Merali
(pp. 881-905)

The Generative Mechanisms of Digital Infrastructure Evolution
Ola Henfridsson and Bendik Bygstad
(pp. 907-931)

Causal Explanation in the Coordinating Process: A Critical Realist Case Study of Federated IT Governance Structures
Clay K. Williams and Elena Karahanna
(pp. 933-964)

Explaining Broadband Adoption in Rural Australia: Modes of Reflexivity and the Morphogenetic Approach
Philip Dobson, Paul Jackson, and Denise Gengatharen
(pp. 965-991)

Funding for this special issue was provided by the Theodore J. and Peggy L. Willoughby Monograph Series in MIS.

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