Volume 37, Number 4 — December 2013

Special Issue: Information Systems and Environmental Sustainability

Issues and Opinions

Evaluating Journal Quality and the Association for Information Systems Senior Scholars' Journal Basket Via Bibliometric Measures: Do Expert Journal Assessments Add Value?
Paul Benjamin Lowry, Gregory D. Moody, James Gaskin, Dennis F. Galletta, Sean L. Humpherys, Jordan B. Barlow, and David W. Wilson
(pp. 993-1012)

Research Articles

A Longitudinal Study of Herd Behavior in the Adoption and Continued Use of Technology
Heshan Sun
(pp. 1013-1041)

Impact of Wikipedia on Market Information Environment: Evidence on Management Disclosure and Investor Reaction
Sean Xin Xu and Xiaoquan (Michael) Zhang
(pp. 1043-1068)

Talking about Technology: The Emergence of a New Actor Category Through New Media
Emmanuelle Vaast, Elizabeth J. Davidson, and Thomas Mattson
(pp. 1069-1092)

Differential Influence of Blogs Across Different Stages of Decision Making: The Case of Venture Capitalists
Rohit Aggarwal and Harpreet Singh
(pp. 1093-1112)

Changes in Employees' Job Characteristics During an Enterprise System Implementation: A Latent Growth Modeling Perspective
Hillol Bala and Viswanath Venkatesh
(pp. 1113-1140)

Addressing the Personalization-Privacy Paradox: An Empirical Assessment from a Field Experiment on Smartphone Users
Juliana Sutanto, Elia Palme, Chuan-Hoo Tan, and Chee Wei Phang
(pp. 1141-1164)

An Investigation of Information Systems Use Patterns: Technological Events as Triggers, the Effect of Time, and Consequences for Performance
Ana Ortiz de Guinea and Jane Webster
(pp. 1165-1188)

Insiders’ Protection of Organizational Information Assets: Development of a Systematics-Based Taxonomy and Theory of Diversity for Protection-Motivated Behaviors
Clay Posey, Tom L. Roberts, Paul Benjamin Lowry, Rebecca J. Bennett, and James F. Courtney
(pp. 1189-1210)

Control Balancing in Information Systems Development Offshoring Projects
Robert Wayne Gregory, Roman Beck, and Mark Keil
(pp. 1211-1232)

Research Notes

Media Selection as a Strategic Component of Communication
Joey F. George, John R. Carlson, and Joseph S. Valacich
(pp. 1233-1251)

Inferring App Demand from Publicly Available Data
Rajiv Garg and Rahul Telang
(pp. 1253-1264)

Special Issue Articles

Sensemaking and Sustainable Practicing: Functional Affordances of Information Systems in Green Transformations
Stefan Seidel, Jan Recker, and Jan vom Brocke
(pp. 1275-1299)

Assessing the Effects of Benefits and Institutional Influences on the Continued Use of Environmentally Munificent Bypass Systems in Long-Haul Trucking
Kent Marett, Robert F. Otondo, and G. Stephen Taylor
(pp. 1301-1312)

Motivating Energy-Efficient Behavior with Green IS: An Investigation of Goal Setting and the Role of Defaults
Claire-Michelle Loock, Thorsten Staake, and Frédéric Thiesse
(pp. 1313-1332)

Funding for this special issue was provided by the Theodore J. and Peggy L. Willoughby Monograph Series in MIS.

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