Volume 38, Number 3 — September 2014

Special Issue: Sociomateriailty of Information Systems Organizing

The introduction to the special issue is located in the Editorial Statements section

Research Articles

Know Yourself and Know Your Enemy: An Analysis of Firm Recommendations and Consumer Reviews in a Competitive Environment
Wael Jabr and Zhiqiang (Eric) Zheng
(pp. 635-654)

Differential Effects of Prior Experience on the Malware Resolution Process
Seung Hyun Kim and Byung Cho Kim
(pp. 655-678)

Digression and Value Concatenation to Enable Privacy-Preserving Regression
Xiao-Bai Li and Sumit Sarkar
(pp. 679-698)

An Attraction-Selection-Attrition Theory of Online Community Size and Resilience
Brian S. Butler, Patrick J. Bateman, Peter H. Gray, and E. Ilana Diamant
(pp. 699-728)

Expectation Confirmation in Information Systems Research: A Test of Six Competing Models
Susan A. Brown, Viswanath Venkatesh, and Sandeep Goyal
(pp. 729-756)

Estimating Returns to Training in the Knowledge Economy: A Firm-Level Analysis of Small and Medium Enterprises
Amit Mehra, Nishtha Langer, Ravi Bapna, and Ram Gopal
(pp. 757-771)

Cultural Differences and Geography as Determinants of Online Prosocial Lending
Gordon Burtch, Anindya Ghose, and Sunil Wattal
(pp. 773-794)

Research Notes

Emergence of Power Laws in Online Communities: The Role of Social Mechanisms and Preferential Attachment
Steven L. Johnson, Samer Faraj, and Srinivas Kudaravalli
(pp. 795-808)

Special Issue Articles

Dynamic Reconfiguration in Planetary Exploration: A Sociomaterial Ethnography
Melissa Mazmanian, Marisa Cohn, and Paul Dourish
(pp. 831-848)

Toward Generalizable Sociomaterial Inquiry: A Computational Approach for Zooming In and Out of Sociomaterial Routines
James Gaskin, Nicholas Berente, Kalle Lyytinen, and Youngjin Yoo
(pp. 849-871)

Entanglements in Practice: Performing Anonymity Through Social Media
Susan V. Scott and Wanda J. Orlikowski
(pp. 873-893)

A Matter of Life and Death: Exploring Conceptualizations of Sociomateriality in the Context of Critical Care
Matthew Jones
(pp. 895-925)

A Trichordal Temporal Approach to Digital Coordination: The Sociomaterial Mangling of the CERN Grid
Will Venters, Eivor Oborn, and Michael Barrett
(pp. 927-949)

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