Volume 40, Number 4 — December 2016

Special Issue: Transformational Issues of Big Data and Analytics in Networked Business

The introduction to the special issue is located in the Editorial Statements section

Special Issue Articles

A Tree-Based Approach for Addressing Self-Selection in Impact Studies with Big Data
Inbal Yahav, Galit Shmueli, and Deepa Mani
(pp. 819-848)

Large-Scale Network Analysis for Online Social Brand Advertising
Kunpeng Zhang, Siddhartha Bhattacharyya, and Sudha Ram
(pp. 849-868)

Mining Massive Fine-Grained Behavior Data to Improve Predictive Analytics
David Martens, Foster Provost, Jessica Clark, and Enric Junqué de Fortuny
(pp. 869-888)

Toward a Digital Attribution Model: Measuring the Impact of Display Advertising on Online Consumer Behavior
Anindya Ghose and Vilma Todri-Adamopoulos
(pp. 889-910)

Using Big Data to Model Time-Varying Effects for Marketing Resource (Re)Allocation
Alok R. Saboo, V. Kumar, and Insu Park
(pp. 911-939)

Crowd-Squared: Amplifying the Predictive Power of Search Trend Data
Erik Brynjolfsson, Tomer Geva, and Shachar Reichman
(pp. 941-961)

Privacy and Big Data: Scalable Approaches to Sanitize Large Transactional Databases for Sharing
Syam Menon and Sumit Sarkar
(pp. 963-981)

Mobile App Analytics: A Multiple Discrete-Continuous Choice Framework
Sang Pil Han, Sungho Park, and Wonseok Oh
(pp. 983-1008)

Comprehensible Predictive Models for Business Processes
Dominic Breuker, Martin Matzner, Patrick Delfmann, and Jörg Becker
(pp. 1009-1034)

Toward a Better Measure of Business Proximity: Topic Modeling for Industry Intelligence
Zhan (Michael Shi, Gene Moo Lee, and Andrew B. Whinston
(pp. 1035-1056)

Competitive Benchmarking: An IS Research Approach to Address Wicked Problems with Big Data and Analytics
Wolfgang Ketter, Markus Peters, John Collins, and Alok Gupta
(pp. 1057-1080)

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