Volume 47, Issue 2 - June 2023

Issue Cover: Volume 47, Issue 2 - June 2023

Editor's Comments: What Makes a Journal Significant? From the Tyranny of Metrics to True Impact

Research Articles

The Fault in Our Stars: Molecular Genetics and Information Technology Use
Susan A. Brown and Richard W. Sias
(pp. 483-510)

The Persuasive Power of Emoticons in Electronic Word-of-Mouth Communication on Social Networking Services
Lingyun Qiu, Weiquan Wang, and Jun Pang
(pp. 511-534)

Pictures that are Worth a Thousand Donations: How Emotions in Project Images Drive the Success of Online Charity Fundraising Campaigns? An Image Design Perspective
Jian-Ren Hou, Jie Zhang, and Kunpeng Zhang
(pp. 535-584)

Equity Crowdfunding and Access to Capital for User Entrepreneurs: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment
Sofia Bapna and Martin Ganco
(pp. 585-610)

Do Early Words from New Ventures Predict Fundraising? A Comparative View of Social Media Narratives
Taha Havakhor, Alireza Golmohammadi, Rajiv Sabherwal, and Dinesh K. Gauri
(pp. 611-638)

From Bits to Atoms: Open Source Hardware at CERN
Laia Pujol Priego and Jonathan Wareham
(pp. 639-668)

Catching the Fast Payments Trend: Optimal Designs and Leadership Strategies of Retail Payment and Settlement Systems
Zhiling Guo and Dan Ma
(pp. 669-704)

Ambivalence is Better than Indifference: Behavioral and Neurophysiological Assessment of Ambivalence in Online Environments
Akshat Lakhiwal, Hillol Bala, and Pierre-Majorique Léger
(pp. 705-732)

Reputation Spillover from Agencies on Online Platforms: Evidence from the Entertainment Industry
Sam Ransbotham, Marios Kokkodis, and Panagiotis Adamopoulos
(pp. 733-770)

Unemployment and Online Labor: Evidence from Microtasking
Ulrich Laitenberger, Steffen Viete, Olga Slivko, Michael Kummer, Kathrin Borchert, and Matthias Hirth
(pp. 771-802)

Phishing Susceptibility in Context: A Multilevel Information Processing Perspective on Deception Detection
Ryan T. Wright, Steven L. Johnson, and Brent Kitchens
(pp. 803-832)

Research Notes

Differential Effects of Multidimensional Review Evaluations on Product Sales for Mainstream vs. Niche Products
Xin Zheng, Jisu Cao, Yili Hong, Sha Yang, and Xingyao Ren
(pp. 833-856)

The Voice of Commerce: How Smart Speakers Reshape Digital Content Consumption and Preference
Yoonseock Son, Wonseok Oh, and Il Im
(pp. 857-874)

On the Differences Between View-Based and Purchase-Based Recommender Systems
Jing Peng and Chen Liang
(pp. 875-900)

Building a Reputation as a Business Partner in Information Technology Outsourcing
Julia Kotlarsky, Suzanne Rivard, and Ilan Oshri
(pp. 901-922)

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