Creation of Favorable User Perceptions: Exploring the Role of Intrinsic Motivation

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A key issue facing information systems researchers and practitioners has been the difficulty in creating favorable user reactions to new technologies. Insufficient or ineffective training has been identified as one of the key factors underlying this disappointing reality. Among the various enhancements to training being examined in research, the role of intrinsic motivation as a lever to create favorable user perceptions has not been sufficiently exploited. In this research, two studies were conducted to compare a traditional training method with a training method that included a component aimed at enhancing intrinsic motivation. The results strongly favored the use of an intrinsic motivator during training. Key implications for theory and practice are discussed.
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Author Viswanath Venkatesh
Year 1999
Volume 23
Issue 2
Keywords Adoption, training, motivation, technology acceptance model
Page Numbers 239-260
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