Data Flow and Data Structure Modeling for Database Requirements Determination: A Comparative Study

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This study investigated, in an experimental setting, the existence, nature and causes of the differences in the completeness of logical data specifications generated by professional systems analysts having training and experience in the use of one of two modeling approaches. The approach used primarily modeled either the data flows or the data structure of an object system. The systems analysts were asked to analyze a case and to generate logical file specifications which were evaluated for completeness. The results of the study indicate that the data structure analysts produced logical data specifications which contained a greater number of entity views and attributes than those of the data flow analysts. Data flow analysts had greater difficulty with the concepts involved in specifying logical data specifications and consequently derived less complete data specifications than data structure analysts.
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Author Robert W. Mantha
Year 1987
Volume 11
Issue 4
Keywords Database requirements determination, data specification, analysis methods, information requirements determination, data flow modeling, conceptual data modeling, database design
Page Numbers 531-545
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