Design and Implementation of Decision Support Systems in the Public Sector

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This article examines the implications of utilizing decision support systems (DSS) in the public sector based on a DSS developed and implemented for a community mental health system. The DSS includes a multiple objective (goal programming) allocation model and encompasses a multiple party decision process. The experiences and insights acquired during the development and implementation of this DSS are relevant to public sector decision support in general. The importance of a DSS as a process-support aid rather than a product-oriented aid (i.e., simply providing answers) and the interaction of system architecture and the chosen design strategy are key insights. In particular, the distinction between model-oriented and data-oriented DSS does not appear to be appropriate. The public sector decision maker’s concern with issues of equity requires the ability to operate in a higher dimensional framework than the typical spreadsheet model and there is a critical need for communication support.
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Author John C. Henderson and David A. Schilling
Year 1985
Volume 9
Issue 2
Keywords Goal programming, decision support systems, public sector
Page Numbers 157-169
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