*SIM Competition Paper:* Developing a Corporate Private Network

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The integration of telecommunication resources has been fundamental to Harris’ information management systems strategy since the inception of a corporate-wide MIS program in 1977. From 1977 to 1979, communication requirements expanded rapidly. Traffic volume was evaluated periodically to determine the appropriate time to integrate voice, data, facsimile, text, and ultimately, video transmission for teleconferencing. In 1979, corporate MIS started a major program to optimize transmission of digitalized voice and data over a private, satellite/microwave network, with switch/access networks at the three satellite earth station nodes to concentrate local traffic for wide area satellite transmission. The primary objective was improved cost-effectiveness by minimizing distance-tariff-usage sensitivity. The network ahs been in operation since December, 1980 and is achieving all cost and performance goals. Due to the high visibility of the network, Harris divisions are more sensitive to the cost and management of communications. The network positively impacted the overall MIS program, particularly the consolidation of telecommunications/office/data processing systems management, and its success influenced Harris’ plans for future markets.
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Author Herbert N. McCauley
Year 1983
Volume 7
Issue 4
Keywords Telecommunications
Page Numbers 19-33
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