*SIM Paper Competition:* Developing an Expert Systems Strategy

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Bull HN Worldwide Information Systems planned and implemented an expert system that is being used for trouble-shooting the maintenance of its page printing system, a complex product akin to a printing press. Important aspects of the design and development of this expert system include stressing people skills, needing an expert willing to have his expertise cloned, and having a knowledge engineer able to translate the expert’s experience into decision rules. This case study covers how the project was selected, how the benefits were determined, and how the implementation strategy has evolved, including future plans for enhancement and extension. Experience with this system serves as a base point of how a company can develop its own expert systems strategy, which includes searching for feasible applications, determining the resources required, and establishing the right organizational environment. Expert systems, although focused on a well-defined problem domain, can provide a company with competitive advantage.
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Author Barbara Braden, Jerome Kanter, and David Kopsco
Year 1989
Volume 13
Issue 4
Keywords Expert systems, systems implementation, knowledge engineering, rule-based systems, case study
Page Numbers 459-467
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