Document-Based Systems for Management Planing and Control: A Classification, Survey, and Assessment

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The role of document-based information systems in management ahs been relatively neglected. However, during the last few years, a certain number of document-based systems for use within a management context have been reported in the literature. A framework for the classification of these systems is developed here, and the results of a literature survey undertaken to identify illustrative examples, and to classify them according to the framework developed, are reported. Twenty-two illustrative systems are identified, described, and classified along two major lines of development. The convergence and integration of data and document processing techniques in support of management planning and control is also discussed.
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Author E. Burton Swanson and Mary J. Culnan
Year 1978
Volume 2
Issue 4
Keywords Document-based systems, document base, reverence-based systems, reference database, strategic planning, management control, operational control, office communications
Page Numbers 31-46
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