Effects of Work Stress and Social Support on Information Systems Managers

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This study investigates the sources or organizational stress among information systems (IS) managers, the resulting symptoms of strain, and whether social support can reduce symptoms of strain. A field study comprised of a survey questionnaire was chosen as the most appropriate design for this investigation. The respondents were IS managers, ranging in organizational hierarchy from vice president or director to project manager, in both governmental and private sector organizations of varying sizes. The study reveals that job stresses among IS managers are positively related to psychological and physiological strains. While all of the stressors included in this investigation are significantly related to strain symptoms, certain stressors emerge as having the greatest impact. Likewise, certain strains that result from these stressors are more prevalent than others. Concerning social support, the study reveals that the level of social support among IS managers is lower than among other managers. When social support exists, strain among these managers is significantly lower. The implications of the study’s findings are considerable both for the health prognosis of IS managers and their job performance.
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Author Madeline Weiss
Year 1983
Volume 7
Issue 1
Keywords information systems managers, organizational stress, social support
Page Numbers 29-43
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