Empowerment: Key to IS World-Class Quality

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Total customer satisfaction is the pre-eminent goal in Coring Incorporated’s Information Services Division (ISD). ISD’s total quality management approach, characterized by a work system that embodies significant empowerment through self-managing teams, is providing to be a powerful means of delivering outstanding service that customers value, especially in a competitive services-for-sale business environment. Teams influence how ISD does business, fundamentally changing the way work is organized and how service is delivered. Teams have substantially improved customer satisfaction, service, and productivity, while staff skills have been enhanced and costs reduced. This article describes these results and then discusses the approach for developing and sustaining the new work system as well as the key factors that led to its success.
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Author Harvey R. Shrednick, Richard J. Shutt, and Madeline Weiss
Year 1992
Volume 16
Issue 4
Keywords Total quality management, employee empowerment, self-managing teams, high-performance work systems, world-class service, customer satisfaction
Page Numbers 491-505
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