Essential Principles of Information Systems Development

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This article draws together and examines research findings and practical industrial experiences related to computer-based information systems. Its purpose is to identify a set of the most fundamental principles that have emerged in the field to guide development information systems in organizations. It also presents a foundation from which further research efforts can be launched. The characteristics of computer-based information systems are examined as background. Technical and developmental principles are then examined, including such important areas as data management, data independence, and information system structure. Behavioral and organizational principles are discussed next, encompassing resistance to systems, user and management involvement in development activities, and integration of systems into the organization. Finally, the question of “where do we go from here” is raised to point out areas needing continued research development.
Additional Details
Author James A. Senn
Year 1978
Volume 2
Issue 2
Keywords principles, computer-based information systems, information system structure, management information systems, data management, data independence, developmental factors, development processes, behavioral factors
Page Numbers 17-26
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