*SIM Paper Competition:* Integrating Islands of Automation

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This article describes the design, implementation, and post-implementation evaluation of the corporate data transport system used at Wisconsin Bell, Inc. to aid distributed inter-department decision making. Elements of the system’s architecture include a user-friendly executive support system, enhanced professional/managerial workstation environments, and a common presentation system that integrates multiple heterogeneous systems, thus creating “virtual homogeneity” of information presentation throughout the organization. The system has been developed to connect geographically dispersed executives and professionals from different functional areas, regardless of hardware, software, and data configurations. The intent of the system is to allow its users to share information and work together as a single operating entity and integrated planning unit. Key success factors leading to the system’s use over a three-year period are explored, along with unanticipated limiting factors.
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Author David P. Hale, William D. Haseman, and Frank Groom
Year 1989
Volume 13
Issue 4
Keywords Distributed decision support systems, end-user computing, electronic mail, electronic meetings, executive support, group decision support systems, information systems design, office automation
Page Numbers 433-445
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