IT-Intensive Value Innovation in the Electronic Economy: Insights From Marshall Industries

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The emerging electronic economy is bringing with it new forms of IT-enabled intermediation, virtual supply chains, rapidly changing electronic commerce technologies, increasing knowledge intensity, and unprecedented sensitivity for time-to-market by customers. Customers are demanding more value, customized to their exact needs, at less cost, and as quickly as possible. The enterprises that will survive in such a demanding environment will need to innovate and invent new ways of creating value, and will require different enterprise architectures and different IT infrastructures. This article focuses on providing a framework for guiding an enterprise as it transforms itself to function more effectively in the electronic economy. Using the distribution industry in general and Marshall Industries in particular as a context, the article draws insights for transforming an extended enterprise’s architecture and its IT infrastructure to enable new ways of creating value in the electronic economy. The article provides a staged junction box model for guiding the transformation, and also articulates the elements of the new value logic for enterprises in the electronic economy.
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Author Omar A. El Sawy, Arvind Malhotra, Sanjay Gosain, and Kerry M. Young
Year 1999
Volume 23
Issue 3
Keywords Electronic value chains, electronic economy, intermediation, distributino industry, supply chain management, intranet, extranet, Internet, electronic commerce, value innovation, time-based competition, fast response, CIO, IT architecture, strategic inform
Page Numbers 303-335
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