*SIM Paper Competition:* KBS Circles: A Technology Transfer Initiative that Leverages Xerox's Leadership Through Quality Program

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Knowledge-based system (KBS) technology is becoming an increasingly important asset in support of the achievement of corporate goals through strategic information systems. KBS technology transfers represent a particularly significant challenge in light of the shortage of trained knowledge engineers and the long training cycle for new knowledge engineers. Xerox’s KBS Circles Program is training large numbers of knowledge engineers in the context of KBS applications that address corporate priorities. This training is accomplished by functional work groups based on a commitment of less than a day per week per year. These work groups are supported by a dedicated KBS Circles Program staff and by representatives from the information management (IM) departments who provide the work groups with system skills, including connectivity to corporate databases and existing systems. IM representatives also improve their performance as systems professionals because the Circles Program gives them the opportunity to learn about KBS technology, thereby expanding their strategic technology tool kit. To date, more than 75 people have been involved in the program. Despite the small investment of time, the benefits from the KBS applications developed during the first year of the program will exceed $20 million by the end of 1992.
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Author Mark C. Maletz
Year 1990
Volume 14
Issue 3
Keywords Knowledge based systems, quality circles, technology transfer, knowledge engineering, high performance work systems
Page Numbers 323-329
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