Key Information Liability Issues Facing Managers: Software Piracy, Proprietary Databases, and Individual Rights to Pirvacy

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The legal status of information in its electronic forms of programs and data and the rights of individuals to keep private some information about themselves is not clearly defined in the current patchwork of old and new legislation on computer-based information. As information usage in organizations increases, there is a need to minimize the information liabilities of managers and their organizations. This article identifies key issues, reviews relevant laws, and highlights implications for information managers. The discussion centers on the protection of intellectual property rights concerning programs and data and the protection of individual rights to privacy of information stored in computer-based systems. Specific methods can help an organization establishing satisfactory legal posture to deal with these issues.
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Author Detmar W. Straub, Jr., and Rosann Webb Collins
Year 1990
Volume 14
Issue 2
Keywords Legal aspects of computing, protecting the information resource, copyright infringement, software piracy, proprietary databases, commercial databases, intellectual property rights, individual rights to privacy, information liabilities
Page Numbers 143-156
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