Manager or Technician? The Nature of the Information Systems Manager's Job

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The role of the information systems manager has evolved in twenty years from that of a technician managing a relatively unimportant service function into that of a vice presidential-level, general manager whose department can substantially impact the entire organization. In this article we trace, by example, the historical evolution of the job, and through an observational study of six information systems managers, examine the position today. The analysis includes the daily activities of the managers, the nature of the oral contacts that constitute 76% of their day, and the other notable observations. The information systems manager’s role is depicted as one of coordinator, motivator, and planner, with a cadre of experts, both internal and external, who provide technical expertise.
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Author Blake Ives and Margrethe H. Olson
Year 1981
Volume 5
Issue 4
Keywords managing computing, observing managers, information resource management, administration of computer centers
Page Numbers 49-63
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