Managing Telecommunications by Steering Committee

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The increasing need for integration and the rapid growth of online systems have made telecommunications a vital part of management information systems (MIS). In search of competitive advantage, organizations make significant investments in telecommunications. Telecommunications management is becoming a top priority of information systems executives. The MIS literature suggests that steering committees are effective means of managing information systems. However, there is no information on how steering committees impact the management of the telecommunications function. Drawing on organizational theory and MIS literature, a framework is presented that relates firm size and telecommunications steering committees to planning practices and organizational recognition and support. Using a survey of 137 organizations, this framework is examined. The results of this exploratory research suggest that use of a telecommunications steering committee is associated with firm size, planning practices, and top management support. As firms grow, they tend to more frequently use steering committees for interunit coordination, setting policies, allocating resources, and monitoring progress. These steering committees can also promote organizational recognition and secure funding commitments for the telecommunications function.
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Author Gholamreza Torkzadeh and Weidong Xia
Year 1992
Volume 16
Issue 2
Keywords Telecommunications, steering committee, strategic planning
Page Numbers 187-199
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