Managing the Implementation of Standardized Computer Based Systems

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Systems development and implementation are traditionally approached as a process of designing and fitting a tool to its user’s needs. Cases arise, however, due to economic constraints or the desire to standardize, in which an organization directs its subunits to implement a system “as is.” In such a case, organizational change is mandated and must be managed as such. Certain units of the U.S. Forest Service have been successful in developing a process to manage the implementation of a standardized program planning system across multiple national forests. The process includes a systematic evaluation of the knowledge, skills, and/or attitude changes indicated for specific individuals in the implementing units. This in turn allows the selection of the most appropriate techniques to foster the changes. The results of these Forest service efforts have been encouraging and offer some insights into the process of managing system implementation.
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Author Lee L. Gremillion
Year 1980
Volume 4
Issue 4
Keywords systems implementation, governmental systems, user behavior, implementation management, organizational change
Page Numbers 51-59
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