Matching Computer-Based Information Systems with Organizational Structures

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Results of studies of the organizational impact of computer-based information systems (CBIS) are contradictory and uncertain. One reason is that what is meant by a CBIS differs from one study to another. In an effort to clarify linkages among CBIS designs and organizational contexts of use, a number of CBIS organization matches or "fits" are suggested based upon a four-part categorization of CBIS, consisting of centralized systems, distributed systems, decentralized systems, and stand-alone systems. Appropriate CBIS are then determined for different organizational configurations. The impact of CBIS on organization structure will depend on whether a CBIS structure fit exists. This approach should provide guidance for researchers in discussing CBIS-organization linkages as well as provide practitioners an additional criteria for ensuring CBIS success.
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Author Richard Leifer
Year 1988
Volume 12
Issue 1
Keywords Network architecture and design, organization structure and design, systems design, fit
Page Numbers 63-73
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