*SIM Competition Paper:* Measuring Information Systems Performance: Experience with the Management By Results System at Security Pacific Bank

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In 1982, Security Pacific Automation Company (SPAC), the information systems subsidiary of Security Pacific Bank, undertook a number of changes to improve the data processing services they were providing to the Bank. Central to this effort was the development of the Management By Results 9MBR) system. Part of the MBR was the introduction of a series of measures designed to track the success of the changes SPAC was undertaking. These measures were linked to each of the four major aspects of MBR: strategic planning, service level agreements, commitment planning, and performance appraisal and compensation. Although the introduction of MBR and its accompanying measures were not without problems, they are now well established; and they allow senior management o measure SPAC’s contribution to the Bank at the operational, managerial, and strategic levels.
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Author John P. Singleton, Ephraim R. McLean, and Edward N. Altman
Year 1988
Volume 12
Issue 2
Keywords Measurement, competitive advantage, information systems, banking
Page Numbers 325-337
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