Measuring Information Systems Service Quality: Lessons From Two Longitudinal Case Studies

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IS service quality was measured three times in an information management consulting firm and an information service business. After the first measurement, IS management initiated several actions to improve service quality. The second measurement indicated that service quality improved in the intervening period. When service quality was measured a third time, it had returned to the levels of the first measurement. The evidence suggests that management's attention to service quality waned after about a year, and IS management needs to recognize that service quality is not a fad but an ongoing commitment. The paper concludes by recognizing that delivering IS service quality requires action at three levels (strategic, tactical, and operational) and that the CIO must pay continuing attention to IS service quality. A model for building service quality into IS is described.
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Author Richard T. Watson, Leyland F. Pitt, and C. Bruce Kavan
Year 1998
Volume 22
Issue 1
Keywords IS management, service quality, longitudinal study, SERVQUAL
Page Numbers 61-79
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