Measuring the Extent of EDI Usage in Complex Organizations: Strategies and Illustrative Examples

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As interest into the nature and value of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) within organizations continues to grow, it becomes increasingly desirable to establish a tactical linkage between the strategic value of EDI and observed operational benefits. This article provides such a tactical linkage by presenting an approach to EDI measurement consisting of four facets: volume, diversity, breadth, and depth of a firm’s EDI initiatives. Each of these facets is defined and then described through its application within the contexts of seven case sites, where each case site represents a strategic business unit having a long, successful history of EDI use. The article concludes with suggestions for both practice and research.
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Author Brenda Massetti and Robert W. Zmud
Year 1996
Volume 20
Issue 3
Keywords EDI, interorganizational information systems, information systems usage, information systems measurement
Page Numbers 331-345
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